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We offer Specialized Spa Technical Services for Hydrothermal Spa areas through Detailed Engineering Drawings, Specifications and Site Supervision...

Concept Design

Concept development and evolution through graphics and sketches.

With our guidance, architects and interior designers will be able to create an environment that is aligned with the agreed concept and philosophy so as to optimize guests’ spa journey and experience

We work with the design team to refine the existing plans so as to create first-class thermal experience for the wet spa area.


We can  also provide advice and support of suitability of finishes

A Preliminary budget can also be prepared to estimate against the approved concepts



Through Schematic Drawings we will be able to ‘prove’ the concept design and ensure everything fits into the

Schedule of costs with budget/target prices will also be provided so as to assist the client to finalize his overall budget for the project
Computer generated images (CGI renderings) can also be created  (upon request) so as to allow the client to
fully visualize the finished spa

Schematic Design

Through Schematic Drawings the Concept design is 'proved' to ensure that everything fits into the building

Thermal cabin wall thicknesses, dimensions and structural elements are shown on the drawings as well as the spatial requirements and layouts for the Mechanical rooms associated with the Spa. 

Spatial and building code requirements are also included for the specialized features, methods of construction and equipment.

Performance specifications and equipment criteria are developed for thermal rooms and Spa area

Recommendations for support services can also be provided throughout the hydrothermal spa area that will enhance the environment in which all equipment are sited


Coordination with the design team on the implementation of finishes and equipment within the wet spa area design

Schedule of costs for the spa equipment with budget/target prices so as to assist the customer to finalize his overall budget for the Spa

Detailed Design

Detailed design starts with refining the schematic design and then providing the client with a complete set of drawings, data sheets and Specifications. 

Give all hydrothermal spa facilities form and basic interior layout associated with specialty construction methods and materials for dry saunas and wet rooms

Detailed floor plans and sectional elevations are prepared of all mechanical rooms housing thermal room and shower equipment

Details in plans and sectional elevations are provided for all MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) connection points at the thermal room, pool and shower locations

Supporting documentation for performance specifications is incorporated for each feature, enabling design and building professionals to gain a better understanding of the type of equipment being utilised and necessary level of interface from supporting utilities

Provide detailed AutoCAD drawings of all thermal room and shower facilities

Construction Documentation

• Once the customer has approved the Detail design then a full package of drawings, specifications and schedules is prepared with status " Issued for Construction" (IFC)

• Detailed construction quality drawings and technical specifications are prepared for all facilities and equipment within scope of work to enable bids to be invited

•   All Construction Documents will be written in a generic way ensuring the products of one specific company are not favored over others unless by this stage, the design team has settled on specific features or equipment that will be sourced from named suppliers.

All documentation, unless otherwise agreed will allow tendering companies to offer ‘equal and approved’ alternatives based on the standard of design established

Construction Supervision
  • Visit the site on a regular basis during construction so as to ensure that the spa installation contractor complies with the design specification and witness final testing and commissioning of all equipment in the wet areas

  • Attend the site upon completion to check function and operation of all hydrothermal equipment within pour design scope.

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