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  • Without the engineering and technical knowledge of a Hydrothermal Specialist during the planning and design stages of a Spa, it's easy to make common mistakes that will cost the project both time and money.

  • Spa owners can save considerable amounts of time and money by having an expert available to simplify the process and give them valuable input in the decision-making process.

  • The expense of engaging the services of a spa consultant can be justified many times over by the superior nature of the results obtained and costly mistakes that are avoided.

      What is the reason to hire a Hydrothermal Spa Consultant... 

  • For a new Spa construction or for a renovation of an existing one, it is very important to utilize expert development resources to ensure the best result.

Don’t underestimate the complexity of the building services associated with a wet spa. Even if the architect and interior designer have been involved in this type of build before, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have the detailed expertise required to properly execute these critical areas...

  • It's far easier to hire a spa consultant with the necessary experience, tools and ability than follow a shoestring approach which ultimately may jeopardize the success of the entire project through serious errors made in critical planning areas.

  • The level of involvement by the Hydrothermal Spa consultant is always up to the Customer.

Blue Print

  Some of the common mistakes Spa Owners and Developers make...

  • Assuming that the architect or designer are fully capable and qualified to develop an operationally workable and market-appropriate spa design and business model.

  • Relying on persons who are familiar with only a handful of spa facilities or concepts, but lacks a sufficient base of knowledge to develop a spa on their own, without actual operational or development experience.

  • Hiring a spa consultant after initial plans have been developed & submitted to planning authorities