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Project Planning: Spa Project Team


Assembling the Hydrothermal Spa Team...

It is always recommended that a Hydrothermal Spa Specialist be appointed at the outset of the Project.

Without a hydrothermal Spa specialist on the team, there will always be a risk of overlooking some very basic requirements that could ultimately end up costing both time and money.


"Don’t underestimate the complexity of the building services associated with a wet spa"

A commercial build requires not only a hydrothermal specialist but it is also very important to engage an Architect and Interior designer, preferably with spa experience.

In addition, an Operational Spa consultant should also be a key part of the team.


The whole Team will help to create the business plan; plot the flow of guests through the spa; assist in choosing the products and services required; and coordinate staff recruitment/training, etc.


A Space Cannot be Truly Beautiful Unless it Functions in Harmony with Who  We Are...

A hydrothermal spa based on a single team member’s personal tastes or operating experience is usually a recipe for an unsatisfactory project.

On the other hand a spa that meets an owner/operator’s vision, while incorporating industry best practices and unique customer selling points is the ultimate desired outcome.


In short, hydrothermal spa design is a complex process that requires a specialist designer with expertise in both design and engineering and who has a unique understanding and appreciation for integrating both into a single space.


Typically, lead designers on large commercial projects will employ a specialist sub-consultant to carry out the spa design

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